About Us

Launched in the Fall of 2022, The Farm at Worman Mill is a small, family-run hobby farm producing flower and vegetable starts for the mountain community. 

We are located in Ahwahnee, California in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Our 2.5 acres was once the homestead of Dan and Ruby Worman who farmed, had an orchard, and long-operated a saw mill powered by a pelton wheel

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About the Farm

The centerpiece of our nursery stock production is our hoop house. Right now, we have one, but are making plans to add three additional hoop houses which be used for propagation of a wide array of nursery stock. 

We are in the process of pursuing USDA organic certification, though we have not received that certification yet. Everything we're doing with the plants is using organic practices, using organically certified seeds, soil, and amendments wherever required and/or possible. 

"Are you guys doing regenerative agriculture?" We're careful with the labels we apply to what we're doing. We can safely say that we're learning a TON about what it means to practice regenerative agriculture and we're absolutely using our animals to improve the soil quality directly as they graze and indirectly as their manure supercharges our compost. (Rabbit manure is so great!)

Our Products


In 2023, our plan is to focus primarily on flower and vegetable starts. As we continue to build out our greenhouses as well as our customer base of gardeners and garden centers, we will be able to add more of everything. 

We hope to start adding native plants in 2023. 


If you drive by or visit the farm you'll see that we are also building out our ability to have animals. We currently have rabbits and goats with plans to add lambs and chickens. In the future we hope to also make available eggs, broilers, market lambs, and market goats. 

Meet the Team

Adam and Kristen McLane

We're nerdy plant people.

Adam is more into vegetables and manages the greenhouse, makes sure all the seeds are sown and ordered and all the plants have water. He's also a weather and gadget geek who is fundamentally a little bit lazy, so he's always tinkering on ideas to make the process automated or easier, more efficient. 

Kristen is deep into native plants. So if you ever want to just geek out about plants, their Latin name, their life cycle, just strike up a conversation. Her love for native plant life is what drew us to this property on the edge of the Sierra National Forest. Around here Kristen keeps us organized and moving. 


If you ever see us out and about you will no doubt meet Jackson, our fun-loving youngest child. Jackson is very helpful around the farm. Right now, he's in charge of the rabbitry.