Great turnout to our first seed starting class!

Great turnout to our first seed starting class!

We want to help gardeners be more successful and have more fun in the garden. That’s why we are collaborating with local nurseries and other small businesses to host seed starting classes.

We know how to do it because Farmer Bill at City Farmers Nursery took the time to teach us and answer all of our questions. We asked a lot of questions! For a long time we went to the nursery every Friday at lunch to wander and ask questions.

We lost Bill Tall a couple of years back. he was a legend who built an endearing nursery business in the middle of City Heights. Bill was a family man who handed off his beloved business to his kids who are now carrying it forward. Kristen and I continue to honor his life by passing along what we learned from him. So when you thank us we are thanking Farmer Bill!
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