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The Farm at Worman Mill



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Grow your tomatoes and vining crops like a pro!

Heavy-duty supports for lowering and leaning crops.

Stainless-steel hooks are equipped with 50' (15 m) of strong UV-resistant twine for holding heavy tomato and cucumber vines. Simply flip over the double-sided hooks to release twine while sliding them down the trellis wire. These come pre-wrapped, with the last 10' (3 m) of twine left loose, for speedy installation. Tomahook rated to 79 lb. Twine tensile strength 66 lb.

How to Use Tomahawks in Your Garden

Tomahooks are best to use when they have a structure on which to attach. We built a simple and inexpensive trellis using T-posts and leftover wire, creating a structure for attaching the Tomahooks. You can use zip ties to allow the Tomahooks to move.

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